¡HOLA AMIGOS! Last country means last blog *whoop*, but also *Aggie hiss thing* because our journey is coming to a close. God has definitely shown me how incredibly rad He is this summer and I hope to share one last glimmer of that with y’all before I head back to the states. These past nine … More EL SALVI



HI FRIENDS These past ten days we’ve been in Nice, France spreading the love of our sweet and almighty Savior. So there’s this funny thing about France: From the moment we arrived, I recognized the richness in this place, but most of the richness is in material wealth. The Bible says this in regards to … More FRANCE


HI FRIENDS! Another country means another blog, but it also means another place that God has completely and fully captured my heart, and totally upheaved and overturned my outlook on this world and my relationship with it. Here in Mbale, Uganda we worked with an orphanage/school called Lulwanda Children’s Home. Every day we’d wake up, … More UGANDA


HI FRIENDS! So if I’ve noticed anything these past ten days in Chang Rai, it’s that life is best lived when lived without restraints. The people here in Thailand love openly, give freely, and praise the Lord with all they have; they don’t hold anything back. From the moment we arrived in “the land of … More THAILAND


HI FRIENDS I miss every one of you a lot a lot, but let me tell ya somethin’.. we serve a stellar God and He is doing big big things even all the way out here in Hong Kong/China. Being back here has been so surreal and has really laid in the brick how steadfast … More HK

Global Journey

Hi friends! So I’m sure you’ve got a few questions after opening up this page. First, you probably asked yourself, “Hey, what is she doing starting a blog?” I mean, an English major with a blog is super strange, right? Yeah, not so much. Although, I decided to succumb to this very expected form of communication for … More Global Journey